Agile Testing

With many IT organizations across the globe, enabling Agile for their SDLC, Quality Assurance (QA) and testing teams have become highly significant. They need to evolve for striking the precise balance of application steadiness and time-to-market. On the same side, Testing has to become dynamic, uninterrupted, and also intelligent. Enhanced test automation with the spot on testing techniques assists in ensuring that a product is tested and delivered in each sprint.

AGSFT has been a highly reliable testing partner for many companies in a mixture of stages of accepting Agile. We have assisted enterprise organizations new to Agile in enabling QA planning, estimation as well as metrics into their specific sprints. We have flawlessly integrated with their sprint teams to advance test coverage, velocity, and high-quality. Our frameworks for constant test automation and performance testing have been used by numerous organizations to develop their Quality Assurance (QA) and testing practices.

What Is Agile Testing?

Agile Testing can commence with constant integration amid development and Testing. It is not sequential, and an agile team can work as an elite team towards a universal objective of accomplishing high-end quality. Agile Testing possesses short time frames known as iterations. This method is also referred to as release as it offers an enhanced prediction on the products in a lesser time duration.

Delivering Seamless Agile Testing

At AGSFT, we enable our own set of Agile testing practices. These were facilitated over years of interactions and experiences and developed around four significant areas:

Every company requires enabling its version of Agile relying on its software, structure as well as culture. The terminology, Agile Software Testing, requires a precise thought process in specifying its depth and breadth through the process. It begins with acceptance tests and user stories. Later, it helps in executing the software to check the acceptance tests.

The quality software initiates with high-quality people working on an environment that facilitates their adaptation to Agile.

A working product is enabled and delivered in short iterations with required feedbacks and swift adaptation. This scenario is the eventual key to quick success.

Users are the ultimate king. Deliver and then pin your ears back to what they say. The spotlight is on acceptance tests from the user’s angle.