Artificial Intelligence Testing

Challenges & Criticality Of The AI Testing Industry

Whether it is the finance, healthcare, or entertainment business sector, each industry is putting efforts to innovate and utilize AI-based apps that assist in automating diverse tasks. This automation makes testing the apps a business-critical job. However, there are numerous testing-related problems and challenges that companies face while enabling AI for testing apps for boosting high quality, such as:

  • Identifying the precise and explicit use cases
  • Lack of alertness as to what requires to be done
  • Verifying app behaviour based on the data involved as inputs
  • Testing the app for functions, performance, and scalability
  • Enable stability, security, and diverse functionalities

Benefits & Added Advantages Of AI Testing Services

AGSFT Intelligent Test Case Management Strategy Empowers

  • Swifter deployments with a single integrated platform
  • Advanced governance on test data as well as a suite
  • Superior traceability with both backward and forward integration
  • Comprehensive approach with real-time feedbacks and execution

AI-Led Testing Methodology & Focus Areas

At AGSFT, we have built four methodical approaches that include:

  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Sense
  • Respond

Focus areas comprise of:

  • Optimization of Test Suites
  • Defects and Errors Analytics
  • Customer and User Sentiment Analytics
  • Log Analytics and Scenario Traceability