Banking and Finance


Banks and financial companies presently face several issues and challenges that need to be resolved:

Today, banks have a massive digital presence, and as consumers accept current technologies, there is an increasing demand for 24/7 access. There is an up-and-coming trend for digital-only banks with no branch existence. The challenge is to deliver end to end functionalities with the best usability and compatibility practice.

The core banking solutions in banking businesses have an extensive range of diverse functionalities. Any technology partner should have a proficient team to enable the right technology and testing methodologies for systems and makes multi-channel delivery experience reliable.

Specific time-based events build a pierce across Finance, Banking, and Payment portals. Performance failures in these portals can have a negative effect on consumers. Tuning the services and products to reach the needed performance levels calls requires robust infrastructure, high-end connectivity, and flawless system integrations.

Finance and banking portals are a prime target for hacking and fraudulent activities. The penetration testing, as well as vulnerability scanners can enhance significant system susceptibility. The improved code level reviews can also recognize weaknesses. Even compliance with global security benchmarks like PCI DSS is essential.

Regulation of Banks is an essential and critical need for different businesses. With GDPR, BASEL IV, MiFID II, and new financial policies coming forward, there is an everlasting wave of fresh regulatory challenges to be addressed. Quality assurance and compliance with these multi-faceted regulations lead to high expense and efforts on the part of the financial institutes. However, as a reliable technology and quality assurance partner AGSFT can save your significant efforts, money as well as time.


Digital Transformation is the upcoming future of the Finance and Banking Industry. Forthcoming trends and digital proposals specify this scenario. These initiatives include innovative Mobile wallets, Ping Pay, P2P transfers as well as Omni Channel Banking. As per research, the number of mobile banking users will be boosted at a tremendous rate globally by the year 2022.

The banking domain is stuffed with ever-varying and revolutionary technologies, with ever more involved functionalities tangled into applications. The sustainability of the business through swift service deliveries and high-performance levels are required to be kept in mind for getting better on ROI.