Online shopping has transformed the concept of business, for both retail stores and also for the consumers. The different internet channels are the most significant platforms for doing business. It enables you to sell any product or service. Multiple solutions exist today, which empowers merchandisers to do commerce over the web efficiently and securely.

E-Commerce Platform

At AGSFT, we offer full life cycle IT services for online businesses to enable online retail companies and consumer product manufacturing. We help out our clients in their online business by synchronizing their company needs with the latest market trends in web-based testing technologies and thus deliver a luxurious buying experience through their stores. Our eCommerce technologies have competence in offering integrated backend solutions, Web 2.0 technology, building multi-channel buying experiences, and facilitate quality testing procedures through a robust framework.

Products Catalog

Catalogs are painless to browse and search, making the job of finding desired products uncomplicated for consumers. We assist our clients in constructing their product catalog to showcase various products using interactive and eye-catching multimedia platforms. The used sources include but are not limited to zoom, file downloads, links, YouTube videos, and different dimensions of images.

Order & Inventory Management

Our order management specialists empower customers to create or integrate the entire order and Inventory management suite. This scenario helps in creating and handling all stuff as well as swiftly access consumer history, interaction logs, and order details, enabling the optimal customer service experience. Besides, it assists businesses with numerous sites to manage all the orders on a single website management screen.

Payment Gateway Integration and Managing Shopping Cart

The functionality offers the shoppers with the handiness of a wholly integrated shopping cart and a secure checkout experience straight from your eCommerce portal. It empowers the customer to select from a variety of payment options, which includes modes such as Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and more.