Energy Utility

At AGSFT, we facilitate your data requirements across the intact Energy Value Chain. Whether you require consuming massive amounts of data as batches or streaming periodically, we provide instant and real-time access. Further, this access is in the form of limitless storage and absolute computing power. We also lend a hand to our clients to uncover their hidden data values by correlating and analyzing the data with an assortment of diverse sources of required data.

We make it trouble-free to reduce your energy bills with energy monitoring on a real-time basis. We also provide customized tips to trim down overall energy usage. We test out consumer energy data by digging deep to find out their energy wastes. And then precisely assist them in figuring out how to prevent wasting energy. We execute this by using our real-time energy tracking strategies and tactics. Our teams have even enabled energy data, solar data, and utility bill obtainable on the go openly in mobile applications. This advancement offers the consumer a clear view into the performance of their home appliances and other electronic devices. We have even helped our customers from malfunctioning and other fire hazards. Further, we have build apps that assist consumers in making monetary decisions by forecasting their forthcoming electricity bills, and by recognizing which category of appliances or behaviors can be enhanced to support you save money.


At AGSFT, we continually transform our service approaches and methodologies. We are persistently figuring out new insights we can find out from energy data and sharing them with our clients. We bring together your day to day energy data directly from your utility using Green Button Data as well as Energy Service Provider Interface (ESPI).

We deliver your energy data to your mobile phones as swiftly as the utility releases it, characteristically 24 hours later. Our teams assure the consumer’s privacy and confidentiality of data entirely. The Green Button benchmark used requires that there is no PII (Personal Identifiable Information) involved within the data, and just measured interval usage information is used. We offer solutions on similar principles by encrypting client-server and inter-server communications utilizing the SHA256 encryption key. The passwords used are encrypted or hashed when they are stored in the cloud. Whenever we convey your energy insights or personal information, we make sure that no one can poke on the energy data that is communicated.

Our solutions take energy perceptive to an entirely new level by enabling consumers to match their energy usage over extensive periods. We also emphasize innovative ways to save money on our customer utility bills.


Green Button Download My Data

We enable our client solutions, where their consumers can directly download their consumed data over some time. The “Green Button Download My Data” solution offers downloadable energy data that comply with the benchmarks and a steadfast data format from all energy provider portals.

Green Button Connect My Data

We have built an automated procedure to access consumer energy data while even enabling consumer security. Applications achieve authorization from consumers by utilizing the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) OAuth 2.0 Authorisation Framework standards [RFC6749] and [RFC6750]. AGSFT has implemented this procedure where consumer offers authorization utilizing a web page. This scenario leads the application securely to gain access to the consumer’s energy data without the consumer having to enable the use-rid or password they use to the way in the energy provider’s web portal. Once this authorization is accepted, the application can retrieve the consumer’s energy data automatedly without the involvement of a stakeholder or the consumer. AGSFT simplifies and radically enhances the capabilities of an application to extract and analyze energy data beyond the potentials of current processes.

Real-time Energy Monitoring and Tracking

We have enabled real-time energy monitoring and tracking solution for our clients, where consumers can view energy usages at any time. We provide notifications and alerts services integrated into the system that further empowers customers to take crucial actions as required. We even offer energy saving suggestions and tips to our clients and their end customers through diverse modes consistently.

Periodic Reports

We provide daily and weekly reports based on consumers or client preferences utilizing our Big Data technology stack. Reports can be sent through emails or displayed through the system as needed by the client.