Functional Testing

We, at Agile Soft Systems Inc, provide a vast range of services for testing software systems and applications. We put together a well-thought-out approach and enable personalized test plans, which make sure that all the functional testing services we deliver are aligned to our customer specifications. The complexities of releasing a new product without precise quality assurance can have immense problems and issues.

We practice a systematic framework based tactic when implementing functional testing solutions. Our company has assisted numerous enterprises enabling their quality assurance approach and automation functional testing services. We have used our internal framework with the perfect mix of automation tools and our fundamental methodologies.

What is Functional Testing?

Functional testing is a significant element for improving the quality of any software and is most useful in the early on phases of software development. The service incorporates the verification of all functions of the software application in fulfillment of the needed client requirements.
It is performed by enabling fitting inputs, and the output is confirmed as well as matched with the authentic outcomes. It grips the testing of UI, APIs, database, security, and functionality along with usability and accessibility of the tested application.

Why Functional Testing is Necessary?

Functional testing is imperative because it decides whether the system is geared up for the release or not. To ensure a detailed evaluation of functional aspects of software, functional testing is performed at diverse levels of the software development procedure.
This procedure involves unit testing, system testing, integration testing, as well as user acceptance testing. Functional testing verifies the application to check all the requirements have been implemented or not. It entirely focuses on customer requirements rather than expectations.

Our Functional Testing Methodology

At AGSFT, we have chosen a functional testing design to enable the broadest base potential for software evaluation. By using advanced tools and platforms, we make sure that our client’s applications go through the similar challenges involved in a testing environment that they will face on a real-time basis.

This establishment, merged with our structured testing methodologies, comprises:

Meticulously evaluate risk and priorities to make sure efforts are put in the precise places. Creating a concrete test plan on what should be tested, when, as well as with what tools or technology resources.

State the infrastructure and test cases built as per the test plan created for every recognized risk using different trivial approaches to become accustomed to varying project requirements.

Build essential test process indicators to check, standardize, and enhance. An application cannot be improved unless one knows its status. So, measuring and evaluating are crucial tasks for any project.

Extend your business and boost your customer pool size with AGSFT functional testing services at competitive pricing.

AGSFT performs functional testing to verify that a software application is functioning correctly according to its design specifications. We ensure the text input, core application functions, setup and menu functions etc. in scope of module, integration and system testing.