Regression Testing

Today, users demand speedy transformations to applications as their requirements are more dynamic than ever. Development teams have to provide solutions on these transformations and any of the disruptions occurring to the active production environments.

AGSFT systematic approach to Regression Testing makes sure bare minimum disruption while keeping prices in complete control. Our Regression Testing suite assures that the new or innovative features added to the application do not cause any unplanned impact on the current quality of the applications.

Our testing teams methodically understand and perform impact analysis of the alterations that are made to the test environment and the software applications. Adjustments made to the test environment can lead to changes in the database updates, deployment configurations, and operating system upgrades. Alterations to the utilization can be in diverse forms such as bug fixes, novel functionality, feature enhancements, different integrations, patches as well as distinct interfaces. Our regression testing solutions make sure that the results of these enhancements play out only as formerly planned.

AGSFT uses an organized and specified regression test approaches to enable successful regression testing. Our approach comprises:

  • Comprehensive traceability matrix: Sketch of the needed requirements vs. test cases
  • Dependency analysis: Executed amid test cases and requirements
  • Change of reports: Problems amid the present release and preceding release
  • Release of tests: Release of the precise regression test pack
  • Risk-based analysis: FMEA, Pareto analysis, and Results from code coverage reports
  • Constant pruning: Regression test packs are incessantly pruned by eliminating the test cases that are not required and put in added ones.

Our Regression Testing Approach

AGSFT uses a logical and well-specified regression test approach to execute valuable regression testing.

Our working approach comprises of:

  • Inclusive team-oriented approach to deliver our clients risk-free regression testing services
  • Highly competent team with access to newest frameworks, languages and advanced tools
  • A team that makes sure of enhanced coverage with the least amount of test cases
  • Proven track record of well-timed project deliveries at reasonable and competitive pricing