Today’s Telecommunications industry extensively involves multi-faceted challenges and the ever altering trends that make interruption a priority in the scenario. Some of the significant trends and challenges are:

To manage costs successfully and to obtain the benefits, the Telecom industry requires investing smartly in the software industry. If the IT tools being utilized are accurately tested and function impeccably, handling this specific challenge will not be severe.

A completely functional framework that is adjustable, supple, and trustworthy is the need of the hour for the telecom sector to thrive. Here, the requirement of a precise infrastructure comes into the picture to support increasing subscribers, different services, advanced tools, and modernized platforms.

For outperforming the competition, offering services that enable clients is the only choice. Using and delivering IT tools that satisfy these customer demands, therefore, takes the critical place in helping create an exclusive brand.

To persuade customers, network operators are enabling different offers for improved network bandwidths. This scenario and advancements will bring in consistent optical communication systems that not only extend the network efficiently but also use fewer amounts of power.

With the explosion in the mobile communications industry, organizations need to churn out enhanced services that do not have any functional difficulties. This scenario is the only way to keep hold of and augment their customer base.

Utilizing the services of a deep-rooted service provider like us at AGSFT can assist in easing out most of these challenges and obstacles for future success.


Products Catalog

  • Specialized Solutions: It comprises of Test Management Office, User Experience, Revenue Assurance, Mobility, Bill to Bill, DW, Business Intelligence Testing, QA Consulting, and IoT
  • Automation: It includes automation across Front-end applications, Batch & Back End as Usage Processes, Billing, SOAP, REST, Web as well as E-Commerce
  • Non-Functional: This comprises of:
    • Performance engineering, application loads, integrated E2E, smart client stability, stress & volume capacity as well as negative testing
    • Security Testing
    • Production readiness with performance & load testing, failure recovery for high accessibility, various production start-up, database backup and restore
    • Post Production tracking, monitoring, support and involvements of special events
  • Functional: It includes areas like assembly & product enablement, diverse integrations, E2E, UAT, and continuous support