Test Data Management

The thriving outcome of any business testing is driven by the capability and accessibility of quality as close to real test data. Test data signifies to make sure all probable business flows are authenticated and wholly verified. With imprecise data come deprived Testing, outcomes you can’t rely on, and a whole lot of exhausting time, funds, and exertion. Handling test data is highly complicated due to data sensitivity, multifaceted infrastructure, diverse data sources used, and of restricted availability.

Test Data Management (TDM), thus, is essential to the accomplishment of your data and testing strategy. At AGSFT, we have worked on robust testing projects and implemented benchmarked management practices for multifaceted enterprise platforms. With a team of specialists in the Data Governance practice, AGSFT has enabled different sorts of organizations. We have implemented solutions for central data governance, mechanized data management, data identification, analysis, and higher accessibility of test data.

Additionally, AGSFT has developed tailored accelerators to enable synthetic test data generation, test data optimization, and tests attached for an extensive diversity of platforms. The data governance specialists comprise of professional DBA’s, SQL & Data Modeling experts bringing in rich experience in different tools such as IBM Optim, QuerySurge, GridTools, and DataMaker. With AGSFT’s extensive capability, you could get better on test usefulness and get more precise test data. We create modern test data management processes, implement test data simulation, mechanize test data management, and safeguard data sensitivity.

Significant Challenges With Respect To Test Data Management

A TDM strategy that does not cover the complete scenario, or is inappropriate and has inadequate test data, faces stern challenges from an end-user viewpoint. Some of them include:

  • Lack of processes to organize test data when not required
  • The volume of data needs for validating the business procedures
  • The volume of data needs for validating the business procedures
  • The volume of data needs for validating the business procedures
  • The volume of data needs for validating the business procedures
  • Managing numerous sources and formats of data as requisite for Testing
  • Handling the modifications needed to share data that may impact several projects
  • Accessibility of the test data range essential for end-to-end Testing and exposure for all likely groupings
  • Techniques to manage PII related data for being accommodating with authoritarian bodies like HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and SOX
  • AGSFT takes care of all these challenges and provide effective test data management services to its clientele across the globe.